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My name is Kauê Luchetta, also know as Kauzz*. I’m proud to announce my new store! On Kauzz.store you will be able to find all of my resources, including exclusive ones. Here you can access my Shop page and see all the packs made by me or my partners, and also can buy each asset individually, or take a look on our freebies!

All the assets here are totally legal and can be used on any kind of project**!

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* Recently I discover that some guy in the past with ‘bad artist conduct’ used an similiar username than mine (‘kaus’), but we’re not the same person! (official note from RMW Admin) ** You can use in commercial or non-commercial games, adult, erotic, gore, violent, educative or any other game genre. Premium tiles doesn’t need credit, but free tiles does. If you want to use the assets in a Crypto game, contact me. Resell or redistribute isn’t allowed.


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