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Country Woods - Forest Lake

This pack is an extension of Country Woods Base Pack and complement all the stuffs of the other pack, but can be used alone too because have content enough to make complete scenery.

This pack contains (23 files):
– 1 Tileset to build camps
– 1 Tileset with trees, cliffs, and river paths
– 1 Tileset to build cliffs (custom shapes)
– 1 Tileset with bushes, vegetations, slim-trees, and leaves
– 1 Tileset with an giant tree
– 1 Tileset with another giant tree with a treehouse

– 1 Tileset with water and waterfalls
– 1 Tileset with ground and paths
Р1 Tileset with seamless trees
– 1 tileset with the floor, including an more natural floor
– Include more 2 water autotiles

Animated Fire and Campfire
– 15 Human sprites, in both gender (female and male)
Totalizing 23 sprites

US$ 10,99